Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Tale of the Three Pumpkins

Once upon a time there were three little pumpkins...with dreams of being carved into the MOST frightening jack-o-lanterns in the world....

Soooo... the first one decided that it wanted to be carved into something that all men feared.

Tada! Pumpkin #1 became a sparkly diamond engagement ring! (Nothing's more frightening than the fear of commitment!)

Not wanting to be outdone by Pumpkin #1, the second pumpkin said, "I want to be something feared by parents everywhere!"

Tada! Pumpkin #2 was turned into "Halo Reach" - an unfortunately addicting video game loathed by moms and dads across the land!

Thinking hard, the third wanted to be feared by all!

Tada! Pumpkin #3 became Emile's helmet from "Halo Reach", a deadly character both feared and admired for his deadly ways - feared by men, parents everywhere AND young children. ...Not to mention, it was just a bonus that he is ALSO feared by Covenant (aliens) because of his abilities to scare and demolish...

Pumpkin #1 shone and sparkled and kept men on their toes... quivering with nerves and worries of losing their bachelorhood.

Pumpkins #2 and #3 kept parents, children and aliens shivering...and kept most parents uttering threats to their addicted children of power outages...and cries such as, "If you don't do your homework, you'll never play again!"

The world was in an uproar. The jack-o-lanterns were thrilled with their success.

And the three little feared jack-o-lanterns lived happily every after, knowing their job of being frightfully scary would live long past their carved gourd-ish days.




Arkansas Patti said...

Totally cracked up over pumpkin
#1. Well done.
Not familiar with Halo Reach--seems like that is in my favor.

halo said...

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